Our Nursing Home in Bayonne is testament of the tried and tested reputation of Acclaim Rehabilitation and Care Center. We are founded on our continuing tradition of health care excellence.

Our well appointed Nursing Home facility in Bayonne brings you the best blend of premium health care services and technological advances that we have adapted to sustain the trust that the public have endeared to us.

No Resident/Patient Is Left Behind

We have one of the highest nurse to resident ratio and around the clock nursing care from our dedicated, highly experienced and compassionate facility staff in Bayonne. This is to guarantee that every need of our residents and patients are satisfied because we treat every one of them as an important member of our Acclaim family.

No one gets left behind in our Nursing Home in Bayonne.

Best Healthcare Venue Near Bayonne

For both short term post hospitalization rehabilitation patients and long term residents, we offer a motivational and uplifting environment which facilitates the steady recuperation and relaxing day to day living for everybody who have decided for their loved ones or themselves to avail of the top notch nursing services of Acclaim Rehab in Bayonne.

Our Nursing Home in Bayonne is a proud member belonging to the Excelsior Care Group. We have a progressive vision of patient and resident care for our Rehabilitation and Nursing Care services and we intend to pursue exciting new additions to our line of services.

We at Acclaim Rehabilitation and Care Center in Bayonne look forward to elevate our already award winning health care services and evolve them into more valuable patient and resident experiences in terms of their overall well being.

Hand in hand with our Rehabilitation, Nursing and Restorative Services, we would also like the general public to know that in Bayonne, we also offer Cardiology, Pulmonary and Neuro Rehab.

We also offer Hospital Intervention, Physician Services and Specialty Services.

Amazing Features and Amenities

Our Nursing Home in Bayonne is nestled in tranquil, scenic and relaxing setting. We enrich the recovery experience by adding in value intensive amenities like:

  • Outdoor Park and Patio
  • Well Appointed Rooms
  • Complimentary Fast Internet and Cable TV
  • Staff knowledgeable in more than one major language
  • Three meals per day or a Customized Nutrition Program per Resident or Patient
  • A Registered Dietician is included among the staff
  • Therapeutic Recreation of different types
  • Barber and Beautician are on hand for the residents/patients’ grooming needs.

Nursing Home In Bayonne, New Jersey

Follow Acclaim Rehabilitation and Care Center on Social Media to get updates about our ongoing Restorative and Rehabilitation Services and also about our new offerings as they are being launched. Acclaim has active Facebook and Instagram accounts.

You may also us call us through (201) 451-9000 or email us through info@acclaimrehab.com for your inquiries.

Acclaim Rehabilitation and Care Center have branches all over the state of New Jersey and if you are near our Nursing Home in Bayonne, you and your loved ones are in safe hands when you decide on pursuing your availment of our award winning and premium health care services.  Countless long term residents and short term patients have already benefited here in Bayonne.

Nursing Home In Bayonne


Since becoming a resident of this facility I have gained relationships with individuals that have made my recovery very obtainable. . . My quality of life is much better due to the help and concern from various members of the Acclaim staff.

I would like for this letter to serve as a form of thanks to the staff members of this organization. They are utilizing the skills needed to help residents achieve the type of treatment that the elderly and disabled require. I would like to take this opportunity to name a few of these members who have directly made my stay here more enjoyable .

– Bryant Keenan, 12/11/2017
Centers For Medicae & Medicaid Services 5 Star Rating

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    Acclaim Rehabilitation and Care Center is founded on a tradition of health care excellence. We bring a unique combination of the highest quality of health care services and technological innovation.

    In a small intimate setting, Acclaim Rehabilitation and Care Center provides a perfected combination of 24-hour skilled nursing, recreational activities, and one-on-one therapies. We can answer questions you may have, offer info on insurance participation and help you schedule an appointment. Acclaim Rehabilitation and Care Center takes part takes part in Medicare programs as well.

    • Our experienced, dedicated and compassionate facility staff ensures that the needs of each and every resident are satisfied, with each resident treated as a member of the Acclaim family.
    • Our well appointed facility, located in Jersey City, New Jersey, offers a warm, supportive and uplifting environment for post-hospitalization short-term rehabilitation patients and long-term residents alike.
    Today, as a proud member of the Excelsior Care Group and its progressive vision of care, we look forward to transforming Acclaim Rehabilitation and Care Center with exciting new additions. Our round the clock nursing home care, high nurse to resident ratio, and award-winning healthcare coalesce to provide an experience of unparalleled excellence.

    Acclaim Rehabilitaiton & Care Center